How to Get an FSSAI State License Online

How to Get an FSSAI State License Online

As food safety concerns and demand for high-quality food items grow, regulatory agencies take increasingly severe measures to ensure that the country’s inhabitants receive the best quality, safe, and healthy food possible. Different factors are tested prior to the sale of any food on the market to guarantee that it is safe to ingest according to scientific standards. Today’s consumer is concerned about their health and seeks for high-quality, non-adulterating, and sanitary food goods. Consumers nowadays choose to acquire an F-approved food product due to increased awareness.

The FSSAI license is now required for all restaurants, manufacturers, merchants, sellers, and other food industry operators involved in the food sector. In theory, there are two types of FSSAI licenses.

  • Central FSSAI License
  • FSSAI State License

If you want to start a food company in India or already have one, you must first get a license from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is in charge of the FSSAI license procedure. In India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) supervises the manufacture, processing, storage, sales, distribution, and import of food items. The FSSAI issues licenses for food safety and standards, and no genuine food company operator or retailer would stock or sell items that are not FSSAI-licensed.

FSSAI State License:

For the medium-sized FBO to operate in India, a state FSSAI license is required. The FSSAI State License is for mid-sized businesses with yearly revenues of Rs.12-20 crores. According to eligibility, the FBO is covered by a national license or registration. Food business owners can check their eligibility status and paperwork requirements on the FSSAI website.

State License Eligibility Criteria:

The following are the FSSAI’s (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) eligibility criteria for food industry operators seeking a state license:

  • Milk chilling systems for handling or processing milk solids in quantities ranging from 501 to 50,000 LPD per day, or 2.5 MT to 2,50 MT per year.
  • Vegetable oil and vegetable oil processing plants, including oil expellers, that produce solvent and refineries up to 2 mt per day with a revenue of more than 12 lakh.
  • Massacre units larger than 2 and up to 50 animals; Massacre units larger than 10 and up to 150 small animals.
  • Units capable of processing up to 500 kg of beef per day or 150 MT per year.
  • Except for storage, the environment is controlled and the temperature is kept cool. Capacity of up to 50,000 MT
  • Up to 10,000 MT of storage capacity (cold/cold)
  • Up to 1,000 MT of storage capacity (Controlled Atmosphere + Cold)
  • Wholesaler: yearly sales of up to 30 crores
  • Retailer – annual sales of up to 20 crores
  • Revenues firm with annual sales of up to 20 crores
  • Provider with a turnover of up to 20 crores
  • Catering has a turnover of up to 20 crores.
  • Over 12 lakhs a year are spent on dhabas, boarding houses that serve food, banquet halls, restaurants, food kiosks, and other food-related businesses. Dhaba
  • More than 12 lakhs in annual sales at the club/canteen
  • Hotels ranging from three to four stars, as well as those above and below five stars.
  • Restaurants with yearly revenues of up to 20 crores
  • Carrier – up to 100 automobiles or a turnover of thirty crores
  • Up to 20 crores in sales are possible for the seller.

FSSAI State License Duration:

The FSSAI registration or license must be valid for a minimum of one to five years. FBO must renew its FSSAI State before its license expires in less than 30 days.

Operating a food company in many states:

If a food business operator operates a food business in many states, the FBO must have a central permit for the registered office and an individual state license for each production unit in each state. Each state’s state government is responsible for issuing the State License.

The food-business operator must file an application and submit all needed papers, including numerous declarations and resolutions, in order to receive an FSSAI State license. In order to get the State License without any issues, these statements and forms must be prepared and presented to the relevant authorities in a legal way. In order to get an FSSAI license, food business owners must complete and submit Form B, a document needed by the FSSAI.

Application for an FSSAI State License:

You may file the FSSAI State License directly with the government by going to the FSSAI website. The FSSAI provides a user-friendly online platform for applying for a national licence for food industry operators, which may be readily sought and received online. The FBO must register with a legitimate phone number and e-mail address. After supplying the required information and documents, the FBO can apply for a State license. FBOs will obtain a recognized receipt for their reference in the successful online application. After a fssai license has been issued, the FBO can change it, renew it, or apply for a duplicate online license.

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However, if the FSSAI Regulations are not followed, the food company owner may be held responsible or his license may be revoked.

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