Guard Tracking Devices: Protect Yourself And Your Assets

guard tracking devices

Powered by either a smartphone or a proprietary portable electronic tracking device, these tools can be used to assist in managing the control of access to large-scale environments, such as warehouses, distribution centers, medical care facilities, airports, factories, research, and development facilities, and government buildings. The number of uses for guard tracking devices is vast, as it can help reduce the cost of outsourcing and improve employee safety and security.

The benefits of your guard tracking device are multiple. The most important advantage is its ability to protect your assets by identifying your guards at all times. If for some reason your guards become compromised, the information is instantly available for you to quickly identify who is in place at your properties and make informed decisions on how to proceed. Thus, below are some of the benefits of guard tracking devices.

  • Accountability of Guards- When utilizing a guard tracking device, the company that uses the device can track the movements of their guards and ensure they are complying with the company’s expectations. This means the client can make judgments based on a multitude of factors when placing a business with a guard tracking device provider. For example, if a guard makes a late-night visit to a client’s premises and they are unable to reach the guard in time, they will be alerted that the guard was off-site and will likely show up late. 
    • Real-Time Reporting- Since guards can work anywhere, anytime, and in any area, daily reports are essential for efficient management of their services. The tool you choose should offer the kind of flexibility and the type of advanced functionality that guards need. Armed with daily reports, you can monitor what works and what needs to be improved, giving you the freedom to adjust your policies, procedures, training, and strategies as needed. Tracking employees’ productivity is a must if you want to keep your guards on their best behavior. 
    • Additional Safety for Guards and Clients- Unfortunately, mismanagement and poor communication can have disastrous effects. In addition to spending valuable time and energy to resolve issues that often go unresolved, companies have a responsibility to their employees to be as cautious as possible in the process. First and foremost, maintaining adequate documentation is critical to making sure that an error-free, and error-free process, is maintained. The possibility of fraudulent activity must be taken seriously, and the monitoring of clients must be adhered to closely.
  • Incident Reporting- In addition to monitoring employee locations and enforcing rules, companies must use a solid emergency alert system to communicate urgent information quickly to clients. This is a good option to send a live alert to your clients, allowing them to stay informed with up-to-date details of what is happening in the building. Live service options are the one-stop solution to this problem, allowing clients to receive secure information easily.

Organizations in today’s competitive business environment need to rethink the way they handle security and safety because getting the best security guard tracking devices can’t be accomplished alone. The best companies must also have an effective training program, provide a well-trained, experienced security guard workforce, and encourage employees to follow the rules.

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