How to Respond to Fraudulent Reviews

How to Respond to Fraudulent Reviews

Negative customer reviews- these three words are enough to trigger anxiety in several businesses. These days, people do not want to be disappointed after availing of a company’s services. They want to know beforehand if the company is worth their trust. That is where the role of online reviews comes into play. At least 94% of consumers have confirmed that a review can convince them to avoid a business or a brand.

There will be a mixture of positive and negative reviews about your business. But, a maximum of negative reviews can take a toll on your brand’s reputation.

So, let’s see how you should respond to fraudulent reviews.

1. Take your time to respond

Let’s say your business name is MyAssignmenthelp and it aims at providing academic assistance to students. Here’s what the first MyAssignmenthelp review section looks like:

“Never ever come to this company for help. The writers are fake. Complete plagiarism going on. It is better to fail than getting help from them.”

It’s not easy to stay calm after reading such an insulting review, especially after working hay day and night. But, you must act wisely. Do not react just right away. Take your time to calm down. Let the anger cool down so that you don’t get all defensive while responding to this review.

Do not take too long to respond either. Otherwise, you may forget about it or tons of other customers may see it before you respond. Take a few minutes or an hour before you respond to this kind of reviews. Write something like this to show that you are aware a scammer has posted this comment.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Kindly share your order ID and name so that our team can get back to you and solve the matter.”

If the review had been posted by a scammer, she/he wouldn’t reply back with a name and other information.

2. Let your other customers see your response

As mentioned before, your potential customers decide your worth after assessing the reviews. Negative reviews about your business are visible to all your existing or potential customers. If you respond to one negative post and not to the others, your customers may end up assuming that the negative posts are somewhat accurate. But what to do if you receive tons of negative reviews posted by spammers every day? You can’t write back to each of them ‘cause that will be tedious and time-consuming.

You need to consider your options before writing back to a spam review.

Here are two strategies you can use to respond to spam reviews publicly:

Strategy 1- The reviewer might have confused your brand with some other similar company

So, here’s what you can write while responding:

“Thank you for taking the time to review our services. But, it seems that you posted about the wrong company. Our team doesn’t have any record of you availing of our services. Ever. Do you have any proof that you were one of our clients? Kindly share the same with us so that we can make things right for you.”

Strategy 2- The reviewer might have included some false claims. Identify that.

Read the reviews carefully to identify any false claims made by the spammer in his/her negative review. Let’s say the my assignment help reviews goes something like this:

“The customer support team is unbelievably rude. I tried calling them up last Sunday and nobody bothered to pick up the call.”

But, your company remains closed on Sundays, and that is mentioned on your website as well. So, your reply should look like this:

“There’s confusion in what you are accusing our customer support team of since we never work on Sundays, and that is clearly mentioned on our website. Our existing clients already know about it. And we always inform our list of holidays to our new clients before starting to work with them.”

3. Do not leave any loopholes behind

 Responding to a negative review and that too posted by a spammer takes time and a lot of writing skills. Gather the facts and collect your thoughts before crafting the reply. Here’s the right way to construct a response to spam reviews:

  • Acknowledge the time invested by the person to write the review. (Yes, you must do that no matter how angry you are.)
  • Stay neutral and unbiased. (This is especially effective if you want to show your level-headed professionalism.)
  • Put a phone number or an email address along with your name in the reply. (This will show you really care for your clients and will take action if they are disappointed.)

You can check out the responses of several businesses on review sites like or Learn how to write your sentences to tackle negative reviews without sounding rude.

Wrapping Up,

You can’t always expect praises and pat on the back in business. Customers’ preferences change. They might not like a service of yours and let you know about it. Be a sport when it comes to responding to negative reviews. Show your concern and how you would like to resolve the client’s problems. Spam reviews are mean. Instead of fussing over it, construct a smart(not rude) answer to respond to the bashes.

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