Costa Rica – The Best Sport Fishing in the World

Do you want to enjoy and have the best fishing experience of your life? Are you looking or looking for an ideal dream country to fish? So your search ends here. You will get an amazing and adventurous fishing experience nowhere other than Costa Rica. Many biologists, naturalists, and seasoned travelers have been visiting this place for decades to enjoy and explore the rainforests, national parks, and wonderful beaches. With the passage of time and generation, this small country has become known as one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world. It has quickly built a reputation in the history of fishing destinations.

Now, you might be wondering what is it about Costa Rica that sets it apart from other fishing destinations worldwide. It is nothing more than a simple fact that other Latin American countries are his dream for the future and conservation of natural resources. National parks occupy about twenty percent of the country and it is believed that ten percent of the world’s biodiversity is seen here. There are about thirty-two national parks and 750 miles of coastline, so one can easily understand why Mr. C. Columbus must have called it “Costa Rica.”

Pristine rivers that run through untouched green shores and mountain rainforests provide ideal habitat for game fish and bait fish costa rica fishing charters. It doesn’t matter, whether you are in Costa Rica for a world-class year-round fishing experience or to escape the cold weather, it will provide you with some of the quirky and breathtaking views and fishing experience that you will never get in your life.

Its name is associated with approximately eighty-four world records from the International Sport Fishing Association (IGFA) and therefore Costa Rica is instantly becoming the preferred destination for most serious sport fishermen. The mineral-rich rivers that run through the mountains provide a constant population of bait fish in this area. This is the main attraction for the larger game fish. Rocky islands and shores create an ideal hiding place for wahoo and roosterfish. The Pacific Ocean is home to billfish that are found here in large numbers.

You won’t believe it, but countless adventure shows, sports magazines, and also ESPN had visited Costa Rica to see the abundant billfish, world record shad, and excellent year-round shore fishing. If we combine the country’s ideal fishing conditions, its natural beauty and elegance, and the ever-booming tourism industry here, you will definitely learn that Costa Rica is a fisherman’s paradise. On any day and at any time of year, you can fish and eat sea bass, fish Lake Arenal, fight three pounds of tuna, fight fifty pounds or more roosterfish, or raise ten sailfish, at least.

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