Best Sole Explained- Comparison and advantages

eva sole

Wearing the right footwear can be a great relief and comfort to our feet in order to perform daily tasks and physical work. Our feet carry the load of the entire body. Any hardness on the sole can result in pain, cause injury to the sole and shock the ankle and toes. Therefore, whenever planning to buy a pair of new shoes keep in mind to go with quality and brand in order to get the cushioned support. 

These days one while surfing the online shoe stores might have come across the word EVA soles which stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It is a material that is just similar to rubber when it comes to softness and flexibility. The eva foam sole is molded to fit the required design which is later attached to the shoe by the experts. It is believed that these shoes make a great training place for athletes and runners. They are easily responsive the foot bends and movements making it soft, flexible around the sole. 

EVA Sole v/s Rubber soles- People tend to use the same brand of shoes again and again as they feel the grip, comfort, flexibility that is intact to a particular brand. Many even are not familiar with the different methods or materials the outsole of the shoes are designed. Shoes can have different features where the outsoles can be either recycled or sub natural. 

Using eva rubber sole has its own unmatched wear resistance and they also extend contraction stability. Rubber soles have many advantages like they are water-resistant, and easily bendable. But when it comes to weight, the natural soles like the rubber soles are heavy that gives a feel of heavy feet lifting the entire day. 

Whereas EVA sole is being most commonly used in all shoes brands as it is considered to be the best material for midsoles giving a cushioned base to the sole. It also comes along with shock-absorbing qualities, light weight, flexibility and elasticity. These can also take any color due to its unique property. But the main concern that comes along the way is EVA soles can sometimes starts giving a flat feel when the material is prone to compression after few miles.  But keep in mind the EVA soles are designed using two methods-

  • EVA soles which form a co-polymer. 
  • Air bubbles are added to the construction of plastic to form EVA foam.

Depending upon the construction method and usage one must select the right shoe type for a feel of comfort. It is very important to keep the feet supported, comfortable and protected from all sorts of heat, cold and rain. 

Which is better for running?

Like every coin has its two sides, the same is the case with the EVA sole and rubber sole. The better material is the one that makes your running comfortable. For those looking for running shoes involving speed must go with EVA as they are light in weight. But when it comes to protection related to walking on rocky mountains, hard concrete surfaces the rubber soles are the trusted ones. Choose wisely.

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