Cloud Engineer: Roles And Responsibilities

Roles And Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer
These cloud engineers get paid a high salary as the skills they possess are very high in value. The less availability of talent plays a major role in the high salaries of cloud engineers.

In today’s digitalized world, where companies are slowly moving from abandoning the old traditional methods of storing their essential data in physically housed centers to the new system of online cloud servers, the demand for online cloud computing platforms is increasing day by day. According to research, about two-thirds of the world’s major organizations are moving their valuable documents and data to cloud servers. Taking their essential data to the online cloud servers seems like the top strategic priority for the IT departments. Now to manage and run these cloud services, companies require skilled people that can manage to maintain the services that are being provided by the cloud, including application development, resource allocation and maintenance, and effective use of the features that are offered by the industry’s primary cloud services such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. These people are called cloud engineers.

These cloud engineers get paid a high salary as the skills they possess are very high in value. The less availability of talent plays a major role in the high salaries of cloud engineers. In simple terms, a cloud engineer is an IT professional that looks through any technological duties related to cloud computing. It may include the formation of its design, maintenance, support, management, et cetera. The job of a cloud engineer contains many roles, such as cloud architect, cloud software engineer, cloud security engineer, cloud systems engineer, and cloud network engineer. Every role and position is different and includes a different type of cloud computing, as one person does not manage the technology all by himself. Companies hire cloud engineers that look forward to providing cloud services to people, expand their understanding of the technology, and finding a way to help manage their cloud service systems.

Roles And Responsibilities of a Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineer is a term used to describe many cloud computing services on engineering, architecture, development, and administration. The responsibilities that are required the most in the field of cloud computing are given below.

  • Cloud Engineering

The role of a cloud engineer comprises analyzing the technology infrastructure of a company and look for options to move to the cloud. If the company decides to transfer to a cloud, it becomes the cloud engineer’s responsibility to look through the migration process and manage the system.

  • Cloud Architecture

As the name says, the duty of a cloud architect consists of designing the infrastructure of the cloud-based servers and systems that can meet the demands of its customers. A person who is a cloud architect is responsible for the architecture, deployment, and configuration of different applications on the cloud servers. Cloud Architects should always keep a close eye on the fine print of cloud contracts and see how an organization intends to use a cloud-based service.

  • Cloud Development

These people are responsible for the coding and development of applications. They should have some knowledge of the frequent practices done in cloud architecture. They are also expected to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications. They should have specific skills that are required in their field, which include high knowledge in a few high-level programming languages, skills in API usage, command-line interface and SDKs for writing applications, should know information on application lifecycle management, ability to code to implement essential security measures, skills in writing, correcting, and debugging code modules, understanding in the use of containers in development processes.

  • Cloud Administration

A cloud administrator has to develop, troubleshoot, and maintain different cloud servers’ network connections. The jobs of a cloud administrator include a lot of essential duties such as administrating the cloud system through patches, permissions, and service deployments, to monitor and analyze the network performance to match the requests of customers on short notice, making and executing new policies for systems that are based on cloud, to establish connections to and from various cloud network types and manage firewalls, and to communicate with both IT and non-IT professionals and keep a track that all the services are being provided successfully.


Cloud engineers have to be very sincere and attentive as a major responsibility lies on their shoulders, which is the protection of thousands of bytes of data entrusted with them by different organizations. The security of this data is the utmost priority of cloud engineers. They work tirelessly throughout the day and night to provide the best service for all your cloud computing server-based needs. Enhance your AWS Cloud Skills with our AWS Training in Ahmedabad at 3RI Technologies.

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